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About Maxgross Microtronics Private Limited
Maxgross Microtronics is a Singapore-based company distributing high-speed electronic lettering and sign cutting machines. We also provide security solutions such as CCTV cameras and Card Access Systems to meet your security needs. Lastly we also have Ezi-Announcer - A simple to use TV and Broadcasting system for schools and companies currently being used in over 100 schools in Singapore. We believe in customer service and delivering the best to our valued customers.

We are an authorized distributor for MAX tube marking machines and sign creator machines and their consumables and accessories. MAX products from Japan are reputed for their quality, reliability and durability.

Some of the quality MAX products that we carry includes:

  • Electronic Lettering Machine (e.g. LM-390A, LM-380E)
  • Desktop Sign Creator (e.g. PM100A, CM200)
  • Ink Ribbon (e.g. LM-IR300B, LM-IR312BT)
  • Tube (e.g. LM-TU232L, LM-TU452L, K3000-2.5, OTS-3.4)
  • Tape (e.g. LM-TP305Y, LM-TP309W, LM-TP312Y)

We look forward to serving you and fulfilling all your printing and marking needs.