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Sign Cutting Machine
Bepop CM-200E
  • Trouble-free operation
    If you can work a PC, you can make a sign with the CM-200E Bepop PC software. Select from a wide variety of symbols and templates that will guide you in designing a sign to meet your needs.
  • Fast and Precise
    The MAX exclusive perforated sheet feeding system ensures high-speed cutting with high-precision accuracy. The result is high quality signs at high speed.
  • Easy Customizing
    The Bepop PC program enables you to create custom graphics easily and quickly with support from Bitmap data. You can even import and print your own logo on your sign by using a TWAIN 32 complaint scanner.
  • Simple Text Modification
    With a click of the mouse, you can create any number of professional looking effects, including mirroring, italicizing, expanding and condensing text letters.
  • Quick Set-Up
    The CM-200E interfaces with a Windows-based PC. You can even use the True-Type fonts already installed in your system. The connection is made through either a parallel port (centronics printer port) or USB port (ver1.11)
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