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Sign Printing Machine
  • Easy Operation
    The PM-100A comes with "Bepop PC" software, which enhances your productivity for conveniently making signs from your own PC. The software includes symbols and template designs so that you can make signs easier and faster.
  • Multi-Color Printing (up to 6 colors)
    The PM-100A can print up to 6 colors on one sign. Multi-color printing means you can easily create brilliant, professional-looking signs. And, because you do not need to remove excess vinyl, the process is quick and simple.
  • Customize Original Designs
    You can create custom graphics like a pro with Bitmap data (Win.bmp format), such as importing a logo using a TWAIN 32 compliant scanner.
  • Making Signs on PC
    The PM-100A interfaces with Windows. You can use the fonts installed in your own system, including true type fonts and those for different languages. The PM-100A is available in either a parallel port (Centronics printer) or USB (ver 1.1) connection.
  • Text modification by a simple clicking operation
    Texts can be mirrored, italicized, condensed, extended, etc by a simple clicking operation.
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